The Committee for the Adoption of Best Practices (CAMP) of the Zones for Employment and Economic Development (ZEDE) to the National and International community informs the following:
It has come to our knowledge through the online publication “cryptocoins news” an article containing declarations from a group identified as “Bitbastion” titled “Now is Your Chance to Crowdfund a Blockchain Nation in Honduras”. Amongst the issues highlighted in said article is the intention of the promoters of the initiative to found a “state with rules catered to blockchain technology, plans to launch at the end of October a ‘Land Rights Token’ crowdsale for a libertarian paradise in the free market-inspired Zone for Employment and Economic Development”

For the above reason, this Committee is forced to clarify the following:

1. Neither CAMP nor any authority related with the ZEDE program has had any contact currently nor in the past with the promoters of the idea posed in the article. This Committee does not know the persons or entities backing “Bitbastion” nor is aware of the content of their proposal beyond what is informed on their website.
2. Neither this Committee nor the ZEDE Program have authorized any project or initiative related with this group. Consequently, those wishing to participate in the ‘Land Rights Token’ crowdsale that the group declares is carrying on, must know that this project is not backed by this Committee nor the ZEDE Program, hence we warn them that they do so at their own risk.
3. Neither CAMP nor the ZEDE Program are responsible for any damages arising from the actions or initiatives of the “Bitbastion” group.
4. Finally, we must clarify that the ZEDEs are not a mechanism that allows dor the foundation of “states” under their own political regime. The Honduran Constitution and the ZEDE Organic Law establish that ZEDEs are an inalienable part of the State of Honduras, subject to the Republic’s Constitution and to the national government in topics related to sovereignty, application of justice, territory, national defense, foreign relations, electoral topics, emission of identity documents and Passports. Consequently, no initiative that pretends to found a “state under its own political regime” may be authorized in Honduras

Given in the city of Tegucigalpa on the 28th of October 2016